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Fantasia Trendsettah Shisha 50g

Fantasia Trendsettah Shisha 50g
Fantasia Trendsettah Series was inspired by the flavored cigarillos made by Trendsettah Inc. The flavors are sweet, aromatic and flavorful enough to earn you some street cred. The 50g packs are a perfect way to sample the Fantasia Trendsettah shisha before committing to a bigger size.
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Hookah Product Reviews

Hookah Product Reviews

Customer Reviews

  • Reviewer: Ethan Zakarya
    may-back melon is bomb and you feel like rick ross when smoking it
  • Reviewer: Daniel Cook
    Swag Berry is a good flavor to try if you've tried all the other Fantasia flavors, a good strong flavor, barely taste the tobacco, almost kind of a mint, but full of berryful flavor.
  • Reviewer: Jon Shmagal
    I cant stay away from this shisha its great. Many different flavors.5/5
  • Reviewer: Steven Harpster
    These flavors are wonderful, the boxes are very well designed and the tastes are amazing. I highly recommend
  • Reviewer: Stephen Watson
    Great flavors and smoked really well, better than some of the normal fantasia flavors, highly recommend vanilla sky!!
  • Reviewer: Rea Dupree
    Just got some vinilla sky and cali green in the mail yesterday, the flavors are amazing and come through very well, the smoke is equally as amazing
  • Reviewer: Sarina Nielsen
    One hundred is my favorite mint out of the fantasia mints and smokes really well.
  • Reviewer: Victoria Kendle
    Fantasia is amazing. The one hundred flavor is great to use as a mixer!
  • Reviewer: Skylar Taylor
    Fantasia has some of the stronger flavors when it comes to shisha, but what you gain in flavor you lose in probability in get a head buzz. The flavor lasts a long time and is some of the juiciest shisha around, but again, I smoke for the head buzz.

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