Hookah Flip

Hookah Flip

The Hookah Flip lets you smoke your hookah upside down. The shisha goes on the top tray and the charcoal on the bottom. This allows your tobacco to cook slowly rather than getting charred due to direct charcoal heat. The Hookah Flip will make your shisha and charcoal last longer. The Hookah Flip comes with a charcoal screen to lock in your shisha to the top tray, as well as a charcoal screen to go underneath your charcoal for better air circulation. Standard hookah foils can also be used instead of the supplied charcoal screen to keep your shisha in place. Another neat thing about the hookah flip is it allows you to adjust heat by raising or lowering the charcoal tray. This makes for perfect heat management. The Hookah Flip fits on any standard hookah the same way you fit a bowl onto a hookah. The Hookah Flip works great with all types of shisha, from dry to the more juicy brands. Smoke your hookah like you've never smoked it before and try the Hookah Flip.

*Setup instructions provided

SKU 50027
Weight 1.00 lbs
Made in China
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Hookah Product Reviews

Hookah Product Reviews

Customer Reviews

  • Reviewer: matthew milless
    Very easy to operate , smoke is smooth, and it also last a lot longer than tradition bowls!
  • Reviewer: William Tedder
    There isn't much to say. Good or Bad. It smokes wonderfully. The only downfall is that after a while metal I started to notice that the bowl itself picks up the flavors of the shisha which kind of alters the flavors of whatever you're smoking. But all in all, not a bad bowl.
  • Reviewer: Brandon Leblanc
    Helps the tobacco from getting to harsh I love this hookah attachment
  • Reviewer: ebz
    this thing looks real cool but doesnt hit as i expected it
  • Reviewer: Ali-Osman Carkaci
    The Best bowl ever
  • Reviewer: Felipe Rodrigues
    Level up your session with the hookah flip!
  • Reviewer: Susan
    This always impresses all of my classic hookah smoking friends. Love the way it works!
  • Reviewer: Zohar teet
    Very cool gadget to show off but if your looking for a good smoke i wouldnt recommend it
  • Reviewer: Zohar teet
    Very sexy design for this 'bowl' and i love how you can adjust the heat

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