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King Hookah Bowl

King Hookah Bowl
This bowl measures a grand 4" in diameter and is 3/4" deep.
Weight 0.80 lbs
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Hookah Product Reviews

Hookah Product Reviews

Customer Reviews

  • Reviewer: William Tedder
    This bowl is nothing short of perfect - At first, I thought it would be too deep, but it's not - This bowl is glazed all the way through, even on the inside, except for a ring around the bottom - It's absolutely prefect for solo sessions, and just fine for two people too It has the good looks of the Egyptian bowl, but the best functionality of any bowl I've ever had, including the famed vortex This bowl kicks 'em all out of the water Just be sure to pick up a mod bowl grommet
  • Reviewer: tj
    this bowl is amazing nice and deep for group smoking
  • Reviewer: Zohar Tits
    great bowl couldnt say anything bad im having a great time with it
  • Reviewer: Ejay
    Really best bowl out there its always good for alot of shisha
  • Reviewer: Susan
    huge bowl! too much for one person but would be awesome for a group of for. Really cool!
  • Reviewer: Zohar teet
    Sick bowl really narly i love the color it has but more importantly the silkyness it shows
  • Reviewer: soosmena
    I get this head a day or two ago and I was dieing to try it out it looked monster but there was s ceramic taste to it and Yess I did wash it out before using it I'm hoping heating it up and using lemon takes away the taste it looks sick and I can eat stuff out of it if I wanted to LOL
  • Reviewer: Matt Chausser
    Honestly I had never seen a bowl like this before but after using it I cant go back to anything else. Compliments my hookah really well. 10/10

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