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Starbuzz Bold Shisha 100g

Starbuzz Bold Shisha 100g
Starbuzz Tobacco is well known in the US market for its unique flavors and intense smoking experience. Starbuzz Bold is a new premium Hookah Tobacco brand that consists of sultry and exotic flavors never before seen in the market. Starbuzz Bold Tobacco is ideal for Hookah smokers looking to experience a more robust and full-bodied taste and smoking experience while enjoying flavors only offered in the US market. The Starbuzz Bold Tobacco brand's 100 gram can allows for Hookah users to become acquainted with Starbuzz Bold Tobacco and to be able to experience a variety of flavors at an affordable price.
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Hookah Product Reviews

Hookah Product Reviews

Customer Reviews

  • Reviewer: Blaise Bezaire
    Mint colossus = incredible
  • Reviewer: Kite the Azure Flame
    Being a mintaholic I must say that both of the mint flavors offered by bold (colossus and simply mint) are flipping awesome, if your looking for a more menthol cooling effect go with simply mint, and you can mix colossus with anything to get a great flavor, definitely recommend
  • Reviewer: nathan couture
    Like everyone else has said, Mint Colossus is the number 1 fav. This shisha will def have you buzzing after a few puffs, so take it slow if your new to the experience.
  • Reviewer: Caydee Ward
    everyone eles is right mint colossus is the way to go!!!!
  • Reviewer: Uwais Bux Bux
    code blue- 10/10 out of this world! a must try !! tastes like pommegranate,pinapple ,blueberry and a hint of mint which makes a great flavour. These ingridients are only what i taste and might not be what is actually in the shisha , HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
  • Reviewer: William Tedder
    Queen of Sex is like a fresh, sweet lemon - Not a lemonade flavor, but more like lemon starbursts or skittles - Definitely one of my favorite shishas ever! Give it a try
  • Reviewer: Mr. N
    super unique flavors while keeping top quality in smoke and flavor! blue code 10/10
  • Reviewer: Brandon Leblanc
    These flavors are all great I like the tropicool the best it has mint but tropical flavor tastes amazing
  • Reviewer: Azaan
    If you enjoy minty bowls i recommend mixing it with Starbuzz SIMPLY MINT. It is the best mint on the market. So refreshing and smokes amazing!
  • Reviewer: Raymond Rivera
    Code blue 10/10 strongest buzz I've ever had
  • Reviewer: Viviane Cabral
    Simplisment Mint é otimo! muita fumaça, gosto incrível!
  • Reviewer: beau stevens
    starbuzz bold is one of my favs and its well worth the money !!
  • Reviewer: Emily Johnston
    I love starbuzz bold! Queen of sex is one of my favs 9/10
  • Reviewer: Chase Lehner
    The only bad thing i can say about this line from starrbuzz is that there isn't enough flavors. All or the ones I have tried which is nearly all of them have been outstanding. Definitely get a can of this and try some out you wont regret it.
  • Reviewer: Katharine
    Queen of Sex is amazing!
  • Reviewer: Ali-Osman Carkaci
    I have tried Queen of sex good flavour.
    I just ordered 9 different flavours :)
  • Reviewer: Jordan Kendle
    I am a new hookah smoker so I always go with mint because it gives me a cool tingly feeling. I also tried code blue and it was delicious, I could smell it as soon as I opened the tin and it's tastes as good and as strong as it smells! I mix a little simply mint with it to give it more of that cool, tingly feeling.
  • Reviewer: Felix Moran
    cold bule is a chocolate and berry mix taste like a tootsiepop.
  • Reviewer: Zander Vdovkin
    Queen of Sex is a terrific flavor. Now I don't taste the lemons as others say I refer it to more of a lime jello flavor.
  • Reviewer: Kayrie Spinney
    code blue was very good stuff. I liked it almost as much as the classic blue mist
  • Reviewer: EL
    Other than haze this is my second go to. Their flavors are very consistent and they have a wide variety.
  • Reviewer: Stephen Watson
    Peach Queen was really good for me, good burn and taste! 8/10
  • Reviewer: vernon mestas
    Just want to see how good ur service is
  • Reviewer: foodge
    i don't love the bold line. prefer original starbuzz. bold tastes even more artificial in the name of "robust flavor"
  • Reviewer: That One Girl
    Starbuzz is a quality shisha.. Queen of sex is awesome.. full of flavor.. can't wait to try the new flavors
  • Reviewer: Burton
    Try the Peach Iced Tea, With Mint. Yummy!
  • Reviewer: Alejandro Rocha Fernandez
    Starbuzz Bold para mi el mejor sin duda el sabor Geisha, no es nada comparable a otros sabores, tiene toques a naranja fresa piña etc sabor muy dulce y suave durante toda la fumada

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