Al Fakher Golden Seal Shisha 250g

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The Golden Seal Al-Fakher Flavored Tobacco Brand is considered to be exclusive Brand of the Al-Fakher line, as the quality of the smoke provides for the smoothest, and most desired smoking experience available on the market. Golden Al-Fakher is a premium brand of Flavored Tobacco that includes an all natural mixture of ingredients such as honey and is made of high quality French Tobacco Leaves. Golden Al-Fakher Flavored Tobacco is produced by the same maker of Al-Fakher Flavored Tobacco products in the United Arab Emirates. Golden Al-Fakher Flavored Tobacco is available in many premium brand flavors, including Bahraini Apple, Black Grape, and Eskandarandi Apple. Purchasing a 250 gram box of Flavored Tobacco is an excellent method if you are interested in smoking several times a month, or smoking with a group.

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