Box Three Kings Ring Charcoal 44mm (80pc)

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The Three Kings Charcoal is the original Quick Lighting Charcoal Brand used for hookahs. Manufactured in Holland, Three Kings Charcoal are know worldwide for their quality. They are virtually odorless, tasteless and do not interfere with flavor of your shisha.


Ring Hookah Coals offer many advantages over other traditional quick light hookah coals:

- The Ring Coal design allows for air flow through the coal, keeping the coal lit throughout the entire smoking session.

- Ring Shaped Hookah Coals offer more surface area, allowing for more efficient combustion.

- Ring Coals burn slightly warmer than most other quick lighting hookah coals on the market, allowing less charcoal per session. Ring Coals also complement the Vortex and Funnel Bowls very well, as they do not offer direct heat over the center spire.

These Charcoals Rings are manufactured in Holland, and are specifically designed for smoking with the Hookah. The Three Kings Rings Charcoals are known for their quality since they are odorless, as well as tasteless and do not interfere with flavor of the tobacco.