Mystique Silicone Freeze Ice Hose

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New Mystique Silicone Freeze Ice Hose now available! You can use this Mystique silicone hose with or without the ice tip, because yes, it does come with 2 tips.

The ice hose tips have gel packs inside to keep your smoking experience nice and cold, all you have to do is put them in the freezer and take them out when ever you are ready.

Comes with a mini Mystique Chamber with ice for Freezing. Compatible with The original Mystique Ice Hose Tip. Maximum Draw, Completely Washable. Food grade silicone hose is odorless. Silver Mystique Logo is laser etched, will not come off. Heavy Duty and Triple thick. You won't need a spring to keep this hose from Kinking. 6.5 feet long and not too heavy, perfect length and weight. Aluminum rust-free handle and connector with smooth finish. Universal 14mm connector is compatible with almost any hookah. Comes with a free Grommet for larger ports.