Sahara Smoke Hookah Oracle

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The Oracle hookah one of the few hookahs on the market with 6 hose capabilities and an auto-seal system. The hookah comes equipped with one hose and have the capability to take up to 6 hoses. You have the option to get it with 1,2,3,4,5 and even a whopping 6 hoses. The stem on the hookah is very unique not only in design but in function. The built-in ports have an auto-seal system which allow for multiple hose usage without losing the ability to purge your hookah. Simply plug the hoses and you are ready to smoke without the need to seal the unused hoses while the other person is smoking. The stem screw on to the jumbo vase for added security and easy transportation once the hookah is assembled. Get the latest in design and function with the Sahara Smoke Oracle Hookah.