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Shishavac Hookah Preparation System

Shishavac Hookah Preparation System



The Shishavac® is an innovative, world-class appliance that every hookah aficionado loves to own.This designer, multi-tasking machine allows you to effortlessly start your hookah in seconds, burn natural hookah charcoal neatly and safely and most importantly, effectively clean your hookah hose, which means a cleaner, more fulfilling smoke.

The Shishavac® conveniently integrates all these functions into a user friendly, instrumental household appliance. Refining a centuries-old cultural tradition, the Shishavac® is a revolution. It is the world’s first hookah preparation system, promoting a higher quality and more enjoyable smoke session, guaranteed to enhance your pleasure forever! The Shishavac® has 4 main functions:
Clean – Non-washable hookah hoses (those that are reinforced with a metal coil that can’t be washed out with water) can now be cleaned with ease. Any loose particles in the hose are blown out with Shishavac®’s blower and collected in the replaceable air filter.
Ignite - Shishavac® contains an electric coil approaching 800 degrees Celsius. This method ignites the natural hookah coals by contact, rather than by fire flame methods. Its closed configuration and smoke filter prevents coal preparation from making a mess of ash and dust, and its replacement smoke filter is washable so there’s no need for constant replacement. Shishavac®'s electric coil operates on a knob timer and automatically shuts off when finished!
Stoke – Stoking a shisha pipe always initially requires some large uncomfortable puffs. Shishavac®’s starter stokes your pipe to perfection, and it does so in seconds at the push of your hand. The Shishavac® starter also has an adjustable port so suction can be calibrated simply depending on how much water is in your pipe and how quickly you want it stoked.
Dry – The ability to dry the inside of your hookah pipe minimizes any residue or mildew that may form. Shishavac’s blower allows you to dry any hookah pipe parts (including the hookah hose, hookah shaft, and downstem).