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Soguk Ice Hose Tip

Soguk Ice Hose Tip




This unique innovation is designed to cool down your hookah smoke just before you inhale. The SOĞUK hookah accessory works with Almost All Hoses. The SOĞUK Hookah/Shisha Ice Hose Tip has a Simple yet Sleek Design that is Extremely Functional and Durable. This product is designed for trouble free service whether it is used in the Home or in a Hookah Lounge. To use this, all you need to do is place inside the Freezer for an hour or so, the SOGUK Hookah/Shisha Ice Hose Tip is a Self contained Unit with a Cooling Glycerine Mix inside. Just bring it out of the Freezer and pop onto your hose before you are ready to begin smoking. As the shisha smoke travels through the tip and comes in contact, it is chilled to an epically cool temperature for the smoothest, iciest, and most enjoyable shisha experience imaginable! Because it cools the smoke, you can take longer drags with little to no harsh effects from hot smoke.