The Queen II Onyx

$99.99 $129.99


The Queen II Rotating Hookah is a wonderful way to get the party going. This hookah is a fully 360 degree rotating hookah that comes with 4 hoses. The Queen II hookah also features an auto-seal valve on each of the hose plugs so that no one has to hold their finger over the mouth piece while others are smoking, the auto-seal system will do that for you.

  • Includes 4 hoses (not shown in image)
  • Auto-seal system makes it easy to share without plugging the hoses
  • Screw-in glass design makes it easy to carry
  • Unique futuristic design
  • Hard Carrying Case makes it easy to put away and transfer

*This hookah includes everything pictured as well as 4 hoses, cleaning brush, charcoal tongs and all rubber fittings. Free hard carrying case also included.

Autoseal Hookah