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Zonda Hose by AppleOnTop

Zonda Hose by AppleOnTop



The ZONDA hose is the epitome of all hookah hoses. It features an ergonomic finely crafted aluminum handle that is comfortable to hold and a pleasure to smoke. It also features a surgical grade heat resistant silicone body which is flexible and does not easily attract dust. The ZONDA hose measures approximately 6 feet in length providing an effortless draw with just the right amount of airflow.

The ZONDA hose works and looks great on all glass hookahs such as Fumo and LaVoo as well as more traditional hookahs such as Khalil Mamoon and Magdy Zidan. We can truly say that this hose has been engineered to perfection. If you are striving for the ultimate hookah experience and want the "Rolls Royce®" of hookah hoses, no other hose even comes close to the ZONDA hose.

Included with the ZONDA hose is a gift box along with an ApppleOnTop Bowl and a 100g can of Hookafina.