Al Waha Shisha 1000g

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Al Waha Shisha is one of the original traditional brands in the U.S. market.  Al Waha shisha is made in Jordan which is known for its top quality hookah shisha production.  Al Waha has been recently re-introduce to the U.S. market with updated packing and more modern flavor mixes.  Al Waha brings a array of smooth and flavorful choices at an great value.  It has something for everyone and it is sure to appeal to beginners and experienced smokers alike

Shisha Flavor Profiles

After Nine - Chocolate Mint

Arctic Blueberry - Blueberry Mint

Arctic Cherry - Cherry Mint

Arctic Melon - Honeydew Watermelon

Arctic Peach - Peach Mint

Amor - Peach Chill w/Ice

Big Boy - Watermelon Mint

Blueberry Banana - Blueberry Banana

Blueberry Guava - Blueberry Guava

Blue Lion - Watermelon Blueberry Mint

Bob – Cold Banana

Cali Twist - Cherry Pineapple Orange

Casper - Lemon Mint

Chai Latte - Sweet Chai Latte

Cinnamon Gum - Gum Cinnamon

Dirty Thirty - Blackberry Strong Mint

Friday 13 - Peach Vanilla Ice

Hot N Cold - Cool Menthol Blueberry Mix

I love 66 - Ice Melon Chill with Marcuga

Ice Cream - Neapolitan Ice Cream

Icy Mango Tango - Mango Mint Menthol

Libella Swing - Orange Pink Guava Mint

Magic Touch - Blueberry Lime Mint

Mango Lemonade – Ripe Mango With Sweet Lemonade

Marmello – Peach Ice Mint

Melon Berry – Blueberry Honeydew

Mento – Cold Menthol Mint

Nevada - Cucumber Mint

One Day - Lime Mint Chocolate

Pan Rasna - Floral, Clove, and Other Indian Spices

Sodala - Grape Mint

Summer Air - Lemon Passionfruit Mix

Sweet Shock - Watermelon Passionfruit

Tornado - Strong Spearmint

TREX - Ginger Mint

Two Apple - Double Apple