Dokha is a traditional Arabic tobacco which, in the past, was often mixed with herbs, spices, dried flowers, and/or fruit. Dokha tobacco has been cultivated smoked in the Middle East for over 500 years. Some dokha blends, especially the more traditional type blends from Iran and Turkey, would also be mixed with the leaves and bark of various indigenous plants. Today, dokha is 100% pure tobacco, no chemical additives, preservatives, pesticides, or herbicides. Dokha comes in hundreds of strengths, flavors, and brand names. The main strengths offered by most sellers are cold (barid), warm (daffi), and hot (har). Many vendors also offer moderating strengths in these three ranges, usually designated as an ‘over-cold’, or an ‘extra-hot’. These designations refer to the actual harshness of the tobacco, not necessarily to the amount of ‘buzz’ a blend may impart. Generally speaking, the harsher a blend, the more ‘buzz’ it may impart, but there are many warm and over-warm blends that we have specifically developed to give the user maximum ‘laf raas’ (Arabic for ‘head spin’).
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