MustHave Shisha

One of the main goals of MustHave was to solve common inconveniences in working with hookah tobacco, which were faced by those who smoke at home and those who work with the products in establishments. Before MUSTHAVE appeared in 2017, tobaccos were produced in cardboard packs and vacuum bags, which leaked, stained clothes and workspaces, the raw materials were either too strong and not suitable for most consumers, or too light and no longer enjoyable.

MUSTHAVE took an innovative approach to the product and solved these difficulties:

-For the first time, tobacco began to be produced in a convenient plastic can in the shape of a washer, which does not leak, remains sealed and is easy to use. Following MUSTHAVE, other manufacturers began to produce products in a similar format. We went further and built our own packaging production plant and continue to modernize the can, making it even more convenient to use.

-In the production of MUSTHAVE tobacco, a combination of Burley tobacco from seven countries is used. This solves the most important problem: maintaining stable quality of raw materials by regulating the proportions of tobacco.

-The idea of becoming the gold standard of tobacco arose from the very founding of the company and raised the issue of the strength of the raw materials. The optimal average strength, which suits most people, was verified and first used in the production of MUSTHAVE tobacco.

-Another innovation that the company introduced is a Patented cooking technology using “toasted” (fried) tobacco leaf, which was first used in the production of MUSTHAVE tobacco. This technology solved the problem of “hardness” or throat hit.

MUSTHAVE products are produced in Russia at the Pogar cigarette and cigar factory, which allows the use of modern automated equipment, strictly monitor the quality and stability of products, and also offer a favorable price.

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