Hookah Tips and Tricks


Hookah Tips and Tricks
  • Try mixing different flavors of tobacco to get a unique taste everytime, a few good ones are (strawberry & banana), (apple & strawberry), (peach & melon), (mint & cappuccino). You can use your imagination to make your own combination with any of the many flavors we carry, and please let us know if you have a good one that you would like to share with us.
  • Keep your tobacco refrigerated for it to last longer.
  • Try using ice cubes in the water to give you a fresh cool taste every time you take a puff.
  • Replace the water in the glass base after every use.
  • Clean the shaft from time to time with brush provided to avoid clogging and harsh tasting smoke.
  • To make smoking a little more enjoyable add a little bit of sweet red wine into the water, not only will this give it some flavor but will also give you a nice warm feeling every time you take a puff.
  • When packing the bowl make sure to keep the tobacco a little loose and spread it out evenly, this keeps the bowl from clogging and makes it easier for you to get a nice clean hit.
  • Break the charcoal into four equal parts, light all four pieces and wait until they are red hot then place them on the outer edges of the bowl to form a square shape. Take consistent small puffs until the tobacco starts burning. Slowly move the charcoals towards the middle throughout your smoke session. This will burn the tobacco evenly and will prevent the smoke from getting harsh.
  • Put the water filled base in the freezer until a layer of ice has formed, rather than just using cubes. It makes the smoke extra cool, and you can feel the difference.
  • When using aluminum foil, poke smaller and twice as many holes in the foil to allow slower burn of charcoal and tobacco.
  • Before placing the clay bowl back on the hookah blow on the opposite end of the bowl to loosen up the tobacco pieces even more to allow better air flow.
  • Blow several times into the hose as hard as possible to get the grit out before, after and if necessary, while the hose is detached from the pipe during a hookah session. It is an extremely effective way to prevent nasty stuff from going down your throat.