Hookah Setup Guide

Parts of the Hookah

Hookah Parts

Functions of Each Hookah Part

Charcoal Screen: Used as a placeholder for the charcoal so it does come to direct contact with the shisha.
Clay Bowl: Used as a placeholder for the shisha. Remember to pack the shisha loosely.
Bowl Grommet: Keeps the bowl air tight.
Tray or Ash Catcher: Also referred to as an ash catcher which is exactly what it does.
Shaft or Stem: This is the main part of the hookah. Smoke travels from the bowl to the base by the way of the shaft.
Hose Grommet: Keeps the hose airtight.
Air Valve or Purge Valve: This is used to release the smoke out of the base when it overfills. Blow softly into the hose and you will see the smoke travel of the valve.
Base Grommet: Keeps the glass base airtight. You can wet the grommet so it slides into the glass easier.
Glass Base: Chamber for the smoke. Fill it with water so the shaft is about an inch deep in water.
Hose: Used to draw the smoke from the glass base to its final destination.

Hookah Set-up Instructions

  1. Fill the glass base with water. Be sure to fill it to the point where the tube of the shaft is one inch deep in water once it is put in place.
  2. Connect the shaft to the glass base. Make sure when you connect it that it is air tight, wetting the rubber stopper or using a little bit of dish washing soap before connecting it makes this step easier.
  3. Using the small rubber insert, attach the hose to the shaft, again make sure that it is air tight.
  4. To assure that your hookah is now air tight, place your hand on the top portion of the hookah covering the hole and suck in from the hose, if there is any air leakage then check your connections again.
  5. Now that your hookah is air tight pack the bowl with some tobacco. Fill the bowl to the top leaving a flat top layer. Do not pack the bowl too tight for it will make it harder to inhale and will not allow the tobacco to burn properly.
  6. Once the bowl is packed and ready to go attach the larger rubber insert to the top of the hookah shaft and place the bowl tightly on top.
  7. Once the bowl is put in place then you must place the charcoal screen or aluminum foil on to the top of the bowl covering the tobacco. Cut a square piece of aluminum foil and wrap it around the top part of the bowl or use a piece of the precut hookah foils (recommended). Once it is wrapped around tightly, poke little holes in it using a toothpick or any other sharp object. Make sure you have enough holes to allow the charcoal to burn the tobacco.
  8. Now that your hookah is connected and your bowl is properly packed, light up two pieces of charcoal untill they are red hot and place them around the edges of the top of the charcoal screen or the aluminum foil.
  9. Start taking a series of rapid small puffs to get the tobacco burning. You will know that it is burning properly once smoke starts to build up in the glass base of the hookah and starts to flow easily through the hose.
  10. After you have completed all of these steps you should be on your way to a pleasant hookah smoke session.
  11. If you are having trouble with any of these steps or the whole process in general, please feel free to contact us and we will assist to the best of our abilities.