Malaki Hookah Shisha

Modern hookah shisha from the tradition and culture of the United Arab Emirates. Malaki Molasses Tobacco is a relatively new shisha brand to the market and they aim to bring a modern twist to traditional hookah flavors. A variety of shisha tastes from around the world in familiar blonde tobacco with red dye. Expect bold, innovative flavors from the start of your hookah session to the finish.

Starting with the highest quality ingredients, Malaki Molasses hand strips and roasts each tobacco leaf to create the smoothest, most flavorful blends in the industry. Malaki aims to fill the gap of other high-quality shisha brands that fall short with fleeting flavor and woody tobacco that is full of stems. A motivation to improve the shisha experience with added convenience and premium quality shisha tobacco.

Taking quality manufacturing even further, Malaki Tobacco is re-thinking how molasses is made, sold, and enjoyed. By investing time and money into new technology and production processes, Malaki is using care, precision, and desire for a more modern hookah experience. Stock up on the new Malaki Molasses flavors in these 250g boxes with a sealed molasses pouch inside!

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