Hoob Hookahs

Hoob company was established in October 2013. The idea of ​​creating designer hookahs comes to our minds as a way to realize our >potential and knowledge gained in the BMSTU, one of the best technical universities in the Russian Federation. Not only hard work but also able to touch the result of this work, to change something in the process, to realize our ideas - all that was our main motivation to establish Hoob.

Then we started the development of a hookah and set out to make it different from any of the classical hookahs. And so began a long way in search of design, materials, treatments, and coatings, as well as other technical matters, for Hoob hookahs to meet the requirements of today's market. Different metal alloys grade aluminum, sandblasting, anti-vandal coating and so much more we have tried before coming to the quality and appearance that you can see today in the Hoob hookahs.

Every moment we are developing new hookahs and accessories, finalizing those functions that should be corrected after some tests. Hoob manufacturing is located in Russia, in this regard, we have the opportunity to make quick changes to the design of hookahs. German hookahs as they are positioned by the manufacturer, are often manufactured in China that does not play to their advantage in terms of quality and durability, as many glass hookahs on the market are produced in the same place.

Hoob Hookahs made with a qualitative approach to the issue of safety of human health. We have tried to minimize the damage of hookah using stainless materials, abandoning the paint and other hazardous coatings. Just a pleasant light airflow and thick juicy smoke without foreign tastes.

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