Art Hookah Glass

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Art Hookah is an all glass hookah which originated in Russia. Art Hookah takes the art of hookah making to the next level with its built-in remote controllable LED light and wide opening for placement of ice and fruits to the base. Art Hookah is like starting with a clean canvas and designing your hookah the way you want it. Get creative with different fruits, ice and even syrups to enhance the taste of your shisha. The LED light is also color changing and can be selected to match your surrounding and mood. The all glass design and silicone hose allows for the cleanest tasting shisha.

Art hookah comes in a heavy duty box, LED light and remote control and silicone hose. Please note that Art Hookah does not come with a bowl. You may use any standard sized hookah bowl with Art Hookah such as the Vortex, Funnel, Modern or AppleOnTop bowls. The more advanced users can use Fruits as a bowl which adds to the customization aspect of Art Hookah.