Vapor Glass Torpedo Hookah w/ Case

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If you're a modern type of smoker that craves a hookah with a more updated, edgy design then look no further than our fine selection of Vapor All Glass Hookahs. Vapor Glass Hookahs have revolutionized the age old form of Shisha smoking by creating an all glass Hookah concept that offers improved functionality and performance while maintaining an enjoyable and contemporary smoking experience. Vapor Glass Hookahs are made of Laboratory grade glass and offer a unique Silicone Style Hose, promoting both elegance and simplicity, while keeping quality in mind. All Vapor Glass Hookahs can be easily broken down for effortless cleaning and storage. Experience the pleasure of smoking one of the many Vapor Glass Hookahs and see what the all glass Hookah trend is about. It will be very hard going back to the traditional ways of smoking Hookah after experiencing this unique smoking concept. Vapor Glass Torpedo Hookah comes in a hard case and is capable of up to 4 hoses.

-Height: 10"

-Hoses: 1

-All Glass Design

-Includes premium glass vortex type bowl, glass handle silicone hose

-Capable of up to 4 hoses

-Come in hard case