Everember Revolver Hookah Stem

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The Everember Revolver Stem is a modern sleek styled stem which is a new take on a classic design usually only found in carved wood stems.  This stem is at the top of its game and accented with a matching hose handle. This hookah stem measure 17" from the base hub to the top and a total of 26" from end to end. The Everember Revolver hookah stem comes neatly packed in its own sturdy card board case which can be utilized for storage and safekeeping. This stem does not include a base or bowl and may be needed to be purchase on their own. While many bases available today will work with this stem we do recommend the Gem Base for a perfect pairing.

  • Aluminum Stem
  • Matching Hose Handle
  • Soft touch silicone hose
  • Grommets for base and bowl
  • Grommet free hose port
  • Stainless steel down stem 
  • Hose Spring
  • Tray
  • Does not include bowl or base.