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The unmatched selection of mouth-watering Hookah Tobacco will send you into a daze. From rich aromas made exclusively for Fumari to our longer-smoking bowls, you'll notice the Fumari difference. With all the possible tasty flavor choices it might be hard to decide for help deciding take a look at the flavor guide in the following link to help you break it down.


Shisha Flavor Profiles

Aloha Mango - Say hello to a delicious wave of sweet tropical mango.

Ambrosia - A sweet, melon flavor with subtle notes of citrus.

Banana Custard - The classic dessert flavor of ripe banana and creamy custard is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Blueberry Muffin - Much like the popular breakfast pastry, this shisha tobacco contains the sweet, yet savory flavors of a muffin coupled with the sweet taste of blueberries.

Caramel Kiss - Sweet and Buttery Caramel with Creamy Vanilla.

Caribbean Colada - Sweet pineapple blended with creamy coconut.

Citrus Mint - A citrus blend coupled with a smooth, cooling mint.

Citrus Tea - The earthy flavors of tea mixed with the sweet flavors of citrus fruits.

Double Apple - A modern twist on the traditional double apple, this flavor will contain notes of anise combined with a sweet apple flavor.

Fakh N Mint - Crisp red apple with notes of strawberry, kiwi, and orange all intensified with a kick of fresh mint.

French Vanilla - A sweet and creamy vanilla flavor.

Guava - A highly praised, mellow, and smooth tropical guava flavor.

Island Papaya - One of the most tropical flavors we have tried, Island Papaya offers up flavors of the papaya fruit.

Lemon Loaf - Refreshing sensation of vanilla icing and zingy lemon cake will keep you wanting more.

Lemon Mint - A classic flavor profile, the sweet, yet tart, flavor of lemon is combined with the smooth cooling effects of mint.

Limoncello - Based off the famous Italian liqueur, Limoncello offers up all the sweetness of a lemon drop candy without the tartness of natural lemons.

Mandarin Zest - Mandarin Zest combines the natural flavors of orange zest with just a hint of creaminess to smooth out the flavor.

Mimosa - Get ready for Brunch! Fumari's Mimosa flavor combines the sweet orange citrus with just a touch of champagne flavor.

Mint - As simple as it gets, a cooling, natural mint flavor.

Mint Chocolate Chill - An office favorite, Mint Chocolate Chill combines the sweet, creamy flavor of chocolate with a cooling mint undertone.

Mochaccino - Bold roasted coffee with the sweetness of cocoa, this flavor will pair perfectly with your morning cup of java.

Mojito Mojo - A fantastic summertime flavor, Mojito Mojo combines fresh lime with the undertones of spiced rum to replicate the popular drink.

Orange Cream - A sweet orange flavor combined with the creaminess of vanilla creates this unique blend.

Passionfruit Sangria - This tropical sangria hookah flavor will whisk you away to a dreamy Brazilian beach with the taste of tangy passion fruit blended with notes of sweet mango and exotic papaya.

Purple Grape - Bold concord grape flavor, think of your favorite grape juice.

Prickly Pear - Another name for the cactus flower, Prickly Pear gives off a mango and citrus flavor blend.

Raspberry Bliss - Tart Raspberry.

Red Gummy Bear - One of the most popular candies on the market, RGB offers up the delicious cherry/raspberry fruit blend in smoke form.

Sour Cherry - Sweet and tart cherry blend.

Spiced Chai - A fan favorite, Spiced Chai combines cinnamon, nutmeg, and chai tea with a touch of creaminess to create this flavor.

Strawberry Jam - Enjoy the classic taste of crushed and sweetened strawberries in your hookah bowl with Fumari Strawberry Jam Hookah Tobacco. You and your grandma can have a toast to that!

Summer Sorbetto - Cool down with a scoop of this rich and sweet tropical flavor in your bowl. It's summer somewhere!

Sweet Mint - A refreshing spearmint, you'll experience a sweet, cooling effect with this flavor.

Tangelo - Based off the hybrid fruit, Tangelo offers up the sweetness of tangerine with the tartness of grapefruit.

Tropical Punch - This flavor is just like the popular fruit drink!

Watermelon - It's a sweet watermelon flavor!

Watermelon Sugamint - Undeniably mint to be together. Our Watermelon Sugamint hookah flavor hits with a burst of sweet, juicy watermelon that's perfectly complimented with cool, refreshing mint.

White Gummy Bear - Another recreation of popular candy, WGB is predominantly a pineapple flavor, with subtle hints of a fruit blend.

White Peach - Tastes just like a juicy southern peach!