Eternal Smoke Shisha 50g

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Eternal Smoke Shisha is a modern take on traditional recipes paired with uniquely blended mixes for whatever your taste buds desire. With a wide range of flavors you will be sure to find something you love. Whether it be fruity, minty, creamy or anything else Eternal Smoke shisha has a mix for you. Check out the Eternal Smoke shisha flavor profiles in the link below but beware your mouth may start watering.

Shisha Flavor Profiles

Aloha Nights – Berry Mix Plum

Bartenders Choice – It's never closing time with us! While you sip on this, ponder is it nutty or woody? Dry or sweet? Fruity or floral? You tell us, you're the expert sommelier.

Blue Lit – Blueberry Ice

Café Noir – Coffee

Caribbean Nights – Fruit Mix Exotic Fruits

Chilled Wine – Grape Mint

ChocoDream – Chocolate Milk

Cuban Highball – This Cuban classic is ready for you to discover in a new form. A hint of lime, Caribbean nectar, and refreshing cool mint. Can you guess what it is?

Dark Bean – Espresso

Dolce Banana – Banana Pudding

Doucce Apple – Two Apple

Energy Bolt – Get ready to energize! Recharge your taste buds with this secret flavor. It’s so good you might just fly away in awe.

Houdinis Secret – Guava Melon Rose

Intense Pieces – Fig Blueberry Mint

Lemon Lit – Lemon Ice

Lemon Pop – Entangle your taste buds with this sparkling flavor. Get ready to be kissed by a refreshing lemon taste that’s sure to make you say ah!

Lime Lit – Lime Ice

Masala Chai – Coffee Chai

Midnight Passion – Sour Cherry Mint Lemon

Milkin Cookies – Sweet Cookie Milk

Peach Lit – Peach Ice

Pistachio Kiss – Pistachio Ice Cream

Red Lips – Strawberry Milkshake

Royals Cup – From Emperor ruling to the Queen's crown, there's a new reign in the kingdom and they are not easy to please. But with these sultry fragrances, it's no wonder even royal-tea keeps brewing more. Your taste buds are waiting, your majesty.

Smoothie Sunshine – Mango Pineapple Strawberry

Tropical Ball – Fruity Mix Bubble Gum Mint

Ultimate Berry – Raspberry Blackberry Blueberry Raspberry

Watermleon Lit – Watermelon Ice

Wild Coco – Wild Berry Coconut