Baja Hookah Tobacco Dark Leaf 200g

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Baja Tobacco is crafted using only USA Grown dark leaf tobacco and aged for six months before being infused with the finest natural flavors. This aging process gives Baja Tobacco depth and characteristics unprecedented by any other brand on the market. With eight exquisitely refined flavors to choose from, you will be sure to find at least one to make its way into your bowl. Since this is a dark leaf, Baja Tobacco is high on the nicotine scale. If you are new to Dark Leaf Tobacco be sure to take it easy or try mixing it with a blonde tobacco.

  • Berry Bliss (Blissful Blueberry that is Tart and Cool)
  • Bud Orange (Citrusy on the Inhale and Minty on the Exhale)
  • Dirty Peach (Peach, Spice and Everything Nice)
  • Dos Apples (A Spicy Twist on the Traditional Double Apple)
  • Earth Mint (Undeniably Pepperminty, Earthy yet Refreshing)
  • Ginger Ale (Pleasantly Warm and Pungently Fresh) 
  • Ginger Chai (A Perfect Melange of Cream and Spice)
  • London Fog (A Citrusy Spark of Bergamot and Vanilla) 

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