Haze Shisha 200g

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With over 25 years of experience, the pioneers of the U.S.A flavored hookah tobacco industry have created the ultimate hookah tobacco…Haze Tobacco. Our hand crafted premium blends are flavored to an unparalleled perfection. Finally, the social hookah experience is now complete with Haze Tobacco. Each flavor is carefully manufactured to excellence.

We use the world’s finest combination of ingredients to create unique flavors. With our grand selection of wonderful flavors, you will want to try them all. We are based in Texas, so we do things…BIG. BIG on flavor, BIG white clouds of smoke, and BIG on satisfaction! That’s Haze Tobacco. Our flavors will revolutionize this tradition putting Haze Tobacco into a new class. Haze Tobacco is for those who expect nothing but…Simply the Best

Shisha Flavor Profiles

5 Cents a Cup – Sweet cool refreshing pink lemonade

Apple Krush – Sour green candy apple

Bananarama – Delightful cold banana bread pudding flavor

Beat The Heat – Refreshing cold glass of cherry limeade

Blazen Blue – Cool refreshing berry flavor

BOF – Bunch of fruit flavors on ice with strong notes of kiwi and strawberry

Caranival Nights – Minty cardamon to spice up your night

Chaitastic – Creamy caramel chai

Cotton Clouds – Creamy cotton candy ice cream

Cucumberita – Perfectly balanced cucumber margarita mix

Double Bubble – Old school cool bubble gum flavor

Eve’s Temptation – Apple flavor with cool spiced earthy undertones

Frozen Lakes – Cool refreshing watermelon beverage like agua fresca

Hardcore – Not for the weak – big burst of sweet fruit flavors

Haze Colada – Pina Colada flavor

Hey Man – A perfect mango tamarindo mix with a hint of chili

Ice Berg – Cool refreshing exotic fruits

Iced Cucumberita – Perfectly balance cucumber margarita mix on ice

Iced Passion – Indulge yourself in a cool refreshing passion fruit flavor

Icy Mango – A unique fruity tangy orange flavor with hints of ice mint

Intensity – Big Burst of sweet fruit flavors

Lime It Up – Lime blended with citrus flavors

Majestic Bru – A creamy orange flavor mixed with sweet floral notes

Melon Blast – Taste of melon with every puff

Mint Lemonade – Just like a cold glass of lemonade with strong mint

Mint Supreme – Extreme fresh mint flavor. It’s supreme for a reason

Nice Dreams – Berry margarita flavor

Oh Boy Explosion – Spicy sweet peach flavor

Ohh-Chata – A refreshing glass of horchata

OMG – Burst of berry flavors

Orange Swirl – Classic orange cream swirl flavor

Pacoca – Peanut desert

Panty Droppa – A watermelon bubble gum with a dash of cinnamon

Passion – Indulge yourself with passion fruit

Peach Cooler – Refreshing peach flavor with a cooling sensation

Peachella – Peachy vanilla mix

Pear Drops – Pear Drops. Inspired by a traditional sweet shop recipe

Pearlicious – Cool refreshing Pear beverage

Pineapple Krush – A sweet cool pineapple flavor

Pumpkin Pleasure – Your favorite seasonal desert

Purple Krush – A sweet cold soda with an amazing rich taste of grape

Quack Quack – No duck face here – frozen mixed fruit flavor

Seduction – Forbidden mixture of citrus fruits

Sinful Mint – A decadent blend of cinnamon and mint

Skills On the Rocks – Ideal tropical beach cocktail

Subzero – Freshens your mouth like no other mint flavor

Suga Mint – Frosted sugar with minty sweetness

Summer Time – Sit back and unwind – summertime fruit flavors

Trash Can Punch – The life of the party – fruit fusion

Twice the Apple – World’s #1 flavor has now been perfected

Ultimint – The ultimate mint flavor…can you handle it?

What A Mint – Iced out peppermint cream

Whooo-Weee – Peach with a hint of red berry

Yummy Madness – Juicy blend of gummy candy flavors