NU Shisha 250g

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NU Shisha Tobacco is handcrafted to perfection from individually selected, hand cut tobacco leaves, slowly steeped for optimum flavor infusion, absorption and quality for the ultimate hookah experience.

Shisha Flavor Profiles

Blue Guava – Blueberry Guava

Blue Orange – Sweet Berry Mixed with Orange Citrus

California Dream – Orange Pineapple Coconut

Cool Lemon – Lemon Spearmint Mint

Fruit Cocktail – Pineapple Coconut Orange Grape Apple Mix

Gum – Spearmint

Gum Mastic – Spearmint Licorice and Vanilla

Gum Mint – Spearmint Mint

Margarita – Lime Blend and a hint of Sweetness

Orange Twist – Orange Lemon

Organic Mint – Earthy Mint Leaf with Cool Exhale

Pan – Extreme Floral Sweet Mint

Strong Mint – Spearmint Mint

Sun Of A Peach – Orange Peach

Sunny Moon – Honey Lemon Mint

Two Apple – Double Apple

Two Apple Mint – Double Apple Mint

Xberry Mint – Blueberry Mint