Tangiers F-Line Shisha 250g

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TANGIERS F LINE Tobacco is the newest addition to our premium shisha collection. Tangiers F-Line is a CAFFEINATED blend of tobacco. Tangiers tobacco is a completely new design in Middle Eastern tobacco. It is made in the US with US tobacco with no artificial color added. This brand also offers some of the most exotic and innovative flavors on the market. This is a dark tobacco that smokes heavy. It is recommended to use light coals.

Shisha Flavor Profiles

Absinthe - Anise blend with subtle mint

Cocoa - Smells like chocolate milk powder (the one with the rabbit on it) staff favorite

Expermint - Extreme level of Spearmint

Kashmir - Blended spices and strong floral notes, crafted for floral smokers

Orange Soda - There’s no carbonation but this is pretty spot on

Passionfruit - Semi sweet flavor with great longevity

Spearmint - Just a like a fresh pack of gum with a Tangiers buzz

Strawberry - Natural Strawberry taste without a strong sweetness

Yellow Apple - A standard apple flavor with no licorice