Social Smoke Shisha 100g

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Social Smoke Hookah Tobacco is one of the newest premium shisha tobacco to hit the market! The result of many years of research and development, Social Smoke Tobacco provides a long-lasting, intensely flavorful smoke in every bowl. This high grade hookah tobacco is made right here in the USA from the highest quality premium ingredients (no artificial colors or dyes) and only the finest natural (unwashed) tobacco leaves. Choose from over 50 tasty and unique flavors! This product consists of a 100g and will last around 4-6 smoking sessions

Shisha Flavor Profiles

Absolute Zero – Icy Blend of Mixed Mints

Arctic Lemon – Zesty Lemon with Mint

Baja Blue – Blueberry Raspberry Grape with a Splash of Milk Chocolate

Banana Foster – Warm Cooked Banana with Brown Sugar and Vanilla Ice Cream

Berry Punch – Mix of Berry and Sweet Fruit

Blackberry – Sweet Tart Berry Flavor

Blue Raspberry – Ripe Raspberry with a Hint of Blue

Blush – Raspberry Sweet Fruits and Citrus

Cali Peach – Peach Punch

Cantaloupe Chill – Melon Mint

Chai Latte – A delicious blend of Cream, Tea, and Spice

Chocolate Chill – Chocolate Mint

Cigar – Sweet and Robust flavor like Clove and Cedar

Cinnamon – Popular Spice Flavor

Cinnamon Roll – Cinnamon Flavor with the Taste of Frosting Added

Citrus Chill – Orange Lime Mango Lemon Mint

Citrus Peach – Orange Lemon Peach Mint

Coconut – Rich and Milky Coconut Flavor

Cosmopolitan – Cranberry Juice Vodka and Lime

Double Apple – Red and Yellow Apple with Licorice and Spices

Dulce De Leche – Caramel Cream

French Vanilla – Blend of Vanilla and Exotic Spices

Ginger Tea – Ginger and Spice

Golden Delicious Apple – Sugary Sweet Green Candy Apple

Grape – Mix of Black, Red, and Green Grapes

Grape Chill – Grape Mint

Honeydew Melon – Sweet Melon

Hong Kong Milk Tea – Black Tea Blend with Creamy Milk

Horchata Cajeta – Creamy Cinnamon Milk

Japanese Yuzu – Tangy Citrus Mix

Lemon – Lemons with Tangy, Smooth Finish

Lemon Chill – Lemon Mint

Lemon Drop – Lemon Candy

Lemon Pie – Lemon Cake

Lime – Lime Blend

Mango Habanero – Mango with Spicy Habanero

Margarita – Zesty Lime Drink

Melon Rush – Melon mixed with Berries

Mint – Peppermint

Mojito – Sugar Lime Mint

Orange – Sweet Orange Flavor

Paan – Areca Nuts, Spices, Dried Fruit

Pandora’s Box – Red Cherries with Sweet Cinnamon Spice

Passion Fruit Mojito – Lemon, Lime, Passionfruit and Mint

Pear Chill – Pear Mint

Pink Lemonade – Lemon, Strawberry, and Cranberry Drink

Pistachio Breeze – Rich and Buttery Pistachio with Vanilla

Pomegranate – Sweet and Tart like Citrus Flavor

Sex Panther – Peach, Tangy Cranberry, and Sweet Orange

Strawberry Kiwi – A Mix of Strawberry and Kiwi blended together

Strawberry Margarita – Strawberry with Zesty Sweet Lime

Tangerine Rush – Tangerine Lemon-Lime

Tiger’s Blood – Blueberry Raspberry Strawberry and Cherry Mix

Twisted – Mango, Strawberry, Raspberry, and Blueberry

Vegas Bomb – Bourbon Whiskey, Sweet Butterscotch and Sour Energy Drink

Voltage – Watermelon Lemon with Sweet Almond

Watermelon – Sweet Watermelon

Watermelon Chill – Watermelon Mint

White Gummy Bear – Sweet and Tangy Pineapple Flavor

Wild Berry – Blackberry Raspberry

Wild Berry Mint – Blackberry Raspberry Mint