Tangiers Birquq Shisha 250g

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TANGIERS BIRQUQ Hookah Tobacco is the newest line of shisha from Tangier’s. The Tangier’s Birquq shisha requires less acclimation and less charcoals. The strength of tobacco is the same as the Noir line. Tangiers Birquq has a sweeter taste and a “fluffier” texture of the smoke. Because of the wetness of Tangiers Birquq Shisha Tobacco, it is recommended to use a hookah bowl with a raised center, such as a Phunnel Bowl or a Vortex Bowl to allow for a tastier, smoother smoke.

Shisha Flavor Profiles

Cane Mint - World renowned peppermint flavor

Foreplay on the Peach - A sweet peach flavor

Grapefruit - It’s not the tangiest grapefruit but still makes it on several favorite flavor list Green Tea

Hacitragus - A tart, citrus blend in this flavor

Horchata - Cinnamon and cream combine to bring this popular drink to smoke form

Indian Summer - A roller coaster of flavor profiles ranging from multiple floral notes and sweet fruit

It s Like That One Breakfast Cereal - The cereal that features toucan bird

It s Like That Other Breakfast Cereal - That poor rabbit will never get to eat this cereal

Juicy Peach - Sweet juicy peach

Kashmir Apple - Kashmir spice with a classic apple that has no anise

Kashmir Cherry - The kashmir spices blend perfectly with this sharp cherry to create a unique blend

Kashmir Peach - The creator of Tangiers lives by this flavor and so do we! Sweet peach with a spiced floral finish

Lemon Lime - One of the greatest blends of these two flavors, long lasting and great for mixing

Little Purple Candy - The taste of black grape juice

Maraschino Cherry - Super sweet cherry, add a splash of Cane Mint for an incredible session

Mimon - Natural lemon taste with a mint

Now With Melon - A popular melon blend

Ololiuqui - Root Beer flavor like the barrel candies

Opuntia Pear - This flavor is just like biting into a sweet, juicy pear

Orange Soda - There’s no carbonation but this is spot on

Panic Punch - Formerly known as "Picnic Punch," this flavor is a mix of Watermelon and Lime

Passion Fruit - Semi sweet flavor with great longevity

Peach Cobbler - A sweet, delicious flavor of peaches and adds the warmth fresh baked crust to the flavor

Peach Iced Tea - Unsweetened white peach with a mild tea leaf flavor

Pikina Sun - The tropical sweetness of pineapple and melon

Pinepas - Sweet and slightly tart passionfruit with the tropical taste of fresh pineapple

Rangoon Sunrise - A very tangy and sweet fruit mix

Schnozzberry - An ever-changing blend of berries, it really does taste like schnozzberries

Sour Grape - Slight floral and tart red grape

Spearmint - Just a like a fresh pack of gum with a Tangiers buzz

Static Starlight - Dark grape with a sweet floral touch

Strawberry - Natural Strawberry taste without a strong sweetness

Tasty Peach - A balanced peach aroma that blends sweet and semi-sweet peach

Yellow Apple - A standard apple flavor with no licorice