Cookies Flavor Profile


Pink Rozay

Bright Floral Vape. Unlike anything you’ve ever tasted!

Georgia Pie

Juicy and crumbly taste of a delightful peach cobbler.

Sweet Tea

Just like a big jug of sweet tea on a Southern hot summer day.


Sweet taste of cherry with pomegranate provides a rich flavor experience.

Berry Pie

Berries and cream batter with a icy finish.

Cereal Milk

Creamy, fruity with a hint of something special.

Sticky Buns

Enjoy the taste of freshly baked sweet rolls covered in rich vanilla icing and a sprinkle of cinnamon.


Rich, dense & creamy gelato intertwined with fresh berries for a classic frozen treat.

London Pound Cake

Buttery pound cake, soaked in milk and infused with lemongrass topped off with a blueberry  with a hint of mint.

London Chello

Get the taste of blueberries that have a slight tartness to them but are mostly sweet with the taste of lemons.