Afzal Shisha 50g Pan Flavors

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For all you hookah lovers we present the world renowned AFZAL Flavored Tobacco Molasses. They appeal not just to your senses but also provide a smoother and more enjoyable experience. AFZAL Hookah Tobacco Molasses is a blend of quality Indian tobacco leaves, molasses, and international natural flavors - giving AFZAL Molasses a special flavor and taste.

This product is for all the popular pan shisha flavors made by Afzal. 

Shisha Flavor Profiles

Banaras Pan - This popular flavor comes from one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world and will pleasantly surprise you with a traditional Hookah smoking experience.

Bombay Pan Masala - Truly a spicy flavor like none other in the world, Bombay Pan Masala will light up the Hookah moments of all types of smokers, with bold tones of traditional Indian betel leaf surrounded by the sweetness of areca nut.

Choco Pan Latte - A heady mix of spicy betel leaf and everything nice with a layer of chocolate.

Coco Pan - A heady mix of Coconut and traditional Indian Pan, this flavor will surely give you a Hookah experience like none other.

Grape Pan Twist - Add a delightfully wicked twist to your Hookah moments with Grape Pan Twist, a heady mix of traditional spicy pan and juicy fresh grapes, with a gentle touch of mint. Recommended for mid, advanced, and heavy smokers.

Kesar Pan - A spicy Pan mixed with the sublime richness of Kesar, or Saffron, this exclusive flavor will light up your Hookah moments with bold tones of the traditional Indian betel leaf.

Pan Apple Splash - The evergreen combination of fresh and sweet apples with Indian betel leaf will give your Hookah session a mouth freshening twist. Multiply your Hookah experience with this cooling flavor, recommend for regular to heavy smokers.

Pan Fusion - A perfect fusion of your favorite Indian betel leaf with some magic that will take your Hookah smoking experience to ecstatic heights.

Pan Masala Supreme - A unique mix Indian betal leaf and spices.

Pan Raas - Pan Raas is our flagship flavor, loved by Hookah lovers worldwide. It is truly the father of all flavors and a heady mix of spicy betel leaf and everything nice. Freshen your mouth with this exotic flavor or add a pinch of Pan Raas to another flavor and experience the magic. Specially recommended for preliminary to heavy smokers.

Pan Twist - Experience the refreshingly different taste of Indian betel leaf with a surprisingly twist that will create magic on your palate.

Special Pan - Gift yourself a fabulous Hookah experience by inhaling the sublime aroma of traditional Indian betel leaf and relax in the fumes of pleasure.

Sweet Pan - Savor a slice of sweetness with this fascinating flavor which enhances the qualities of the traditional Indian betel leaf and gives you a majestic Hookah kick.

Pan Shot – Savor the unique combination of betel leaves and menthol for a refreshing twist.

Chilled Pan Shot – Luxuriate the unique and delicious flavor of Betel leaves with Sweet Paan Masala, Fennel Seeds, and Rose.