Amotion Roam Hookah Complete Kit

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The Amotion Roam is the perfect hookah for on the go: Whether on the beach, in the park or while camping: The Roam accompanies you in every situation and brings you the optimal enjoyment of a hookah. The complete kits comes with the Amotion Roam hookah along with hose, hose handle, travel bag, and matching coaster mat for the hookah.

The Roam also survives dirt and other influences unscathed, because resistance in the outdoor area is an absolute priority for travel hookahs. The soft-touch surface is easy to clean and declares war on any contamination. So you don't have to worry about the location of your Roam.

In addition to the high resistance, it is also a full-fledged hookah that offers everything it needs.
A breathtaking blowoff and optimal smoke properties are included.

Discover these and many other small details and highlights and approve a hookah in every conceivable situation in your life!

Delivery contents:

  • Amotion Roam
  • Head gasket
  • Hose connection
  • Head adapter
  • Immersion tube with splash guard
  • Lid for sealing hookah with magnetic closure
  • Second lid for blowoff
  • Amotion Roam AddonKit
    • Amotion Hose
    • Amotion Season 1 Mouthpiece
    • Amotion Travel Bag
    • Amotion Coaster Mat

16 cm
Diameter: 10cm
Weight: approx. 1200g