Banger Shisha 100g

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Hookah shisha tobacco from Banger boasts a rich base made from low-nicotine Burley leaf, providing a pleasant strength suitable for daily use by most enthusiasts.

Furthermore, its special blend of glucose and fructose ensures heat resistance, offering users an extended smoking experience without compromising on flavor and fragrance.
This is a Russian hookah tobacco. 

Shisha Flavor Profiles

Apricot Jam - Discover a symphony of flavors with Banger’s Apricot Jam hookah tobacco. Crafted with passion and precision, each puff is a journey to orchards bathed in sunshine, where ripe apricots are plucked at the pinnacle of their sweetness. With its perfect blend of fruit essence and premium tobacco leaves, this flavor ensures an unparalleled smoking experience.

Berry Pie - Indulge in a heartwarming embrace of flavors with Banger's Berry Pie hookah tobacco. Crafted to capture the essence of a golden-crusted pie brimming with succulent berries, this blend evokes the coziness of home and the joy of sharing a delicious dessert with loved ones.

Black and White - Step into a world of nostalgia with Banger's Black and White hookah tobacco. Designed to evoke the timeless appeal of the beloved Oreo cookie, this flavor captures the essence of creamy fillings sandwiched between crisp chocolate cookie layers. Every puff is a trip down memory lane, reminding you of childhood treats and delightful moments of indulgence.

Blue Grapefruit - The sweet and succulent notes of blueberries take center stage, providing a luscious and satisfying foundation. The tangy twist of grapefruit adds a refreshing and citrusy element, creating a dynamic flavor profile that is both exhilarating and smooth.

Cherry Macaroon - Indulge in the elegance of French patisserie with Banger's Cherry Macaroon hookah tobacco. This enchanting blend encapsulates the delicate allure of macarons with a hint of luscious cherry filling. Each puff promises a journey through Parisian cafes, where artistry meets flavor, and every bite (or draw) is a celebration of taste.

Cherry Plum - Unravel the allure of orchard bliss with Banger's Cherry Plum hookah tobacco. This harmonious blend marries the tartness of ripe cherries with the juicy sweetness of luscious plums, offering a dual sensory delight. Every puff is reminiscent of a sunlit stroll through fruit orchards, where nature's bounty is at its peak.

Choker - Embark on a sensory delight with Banger's Choker hookah tobacco. Masterfully combining the decadence of rich chocolate with the invigorating coolness of fresh mint, this blend is a tribute to timeless indulgence. Every puff evokes memories of luxurious chocolate mint desserts, making each session a velvety escape.

Cola Bella - This nostalgic blend is reminiscent of classic soda fountain moments, combining the effervescent zest of cola with the smooth embrace of vanilla. With every draw, be transported to a vintage diner, where old-school tunes play in the background and a tall glass of vanilla cola awaits.

Grapefruit - A refreshing blend that captures the essence of sun-ripened grapefruits. Each draw from this invigorating flavor is a voyage to citrus groves, where the tantalizing aroma and sharpness of grapefruits reign supreme.

Green Day - A tantalizing journey of flavor with a vibrant combination of lime, green apple, and kiwi. This exciting blend is designed to provide a refreshing and invigorating hookah experience that will delight your senses.

Iron Bru - A vibrant blend inspired by the zest of citrus fruits, underscored by a characteristic sour twist. This audacious flavor is reminiscent of invigorating citrus beverages, making every puff a revitalizing escapade.

Lambo - A thrilling blend that promises a high-octane experience with every puff. Channeling the power and luxury of a Lamborghini, this flavor takes you on a drive through vibrant melon orchards, past nostalgic candy shops, and ends with a refreshing peppermint breeze.

Lemon Tonic - A sparkling blend that artfully melds the zestiness of fresh lemons with the invigorating undertones of tonic. Each draw promises a revitalizing experience, akin to sipping on a chilled lemon tonic beverage on a sunlit terrace.

Mikado - An exotic blend that encapsulates the vibrant spirit of golden pineapples.

Moscow Never Sleeps - Experience the vibrant nightlife of the Russian capital with Banger's Moscow Never Sleeps hookah tobacco. Capturing the effervescence of champagne infused with the lush richness of berries, this blend promises an exhilarating journey of taste, reminiscent of Moscow's endless celebrations and starlit soirees.

Orange Biscuit - Dive into a symphony of flavors with Banger's Orange Biscuit hookah tobacco. Inspired by the classic baked delights of citrus-infused cookies, this blend beautifully marries the comforting essence of a golden biscuit with the zesty kick of fresh oranges. Each puff is reminiscent of cozy afternoons with a plate of your favorite cookies, paired with a steaming cup of tea.

Passion Citrus - Elevate your senses with Banger's Passion Citrus hookah tobacco. This vibrant blend seamlessly merges the zesty tang of citrus with the exotic sweetness of tropical passion fruit. Every draw is an invigorating dance of flavors, reminiscent of sun-soaked beach vacations and refreshing fruit cocktails by the shore.

Papa Ya - Dive deep into an intricate tapestry of flavors with Banger's Papa Ya hookah tobacco. This exceptional blend takes you on a journey from tropical paradises to sophisticated coffeehouses, encompassing the sweetness of exotic fruit, the elegance of floral aromas, and the richness of chocolate and coffee.

Peach Maracuja - Embark on a tropical journey with Banger's Peach Maracuja hookah tobacco. This enticing blend captures the sun-kissed sweetness of ripe peaches, harmoniously melded with the tropical tang of maracuja. Every puff offers a sensory escape, transporting you to sun-drenched orchards and lush rainforests.

PineLychee - Discover a tropical fusion with Banger's PineLychee hookah tobacco. This flavor intricately marries the juicy allure of ripe pineapples with the delicate, floral notes of exotic lychee. Each puff is a journey to a sunlit beach, where tropical breezes carry the scents of far-off orchards and adventure awaits.

Saint-Tropez - Indulge in the luxurious embrace of Banger's Saint-Tropez hookah tobacco, a velvety blend reminiscent of sun-soaked afternoons in the French Riviera. Every puff of this exquisite flavor promises an escapade into the world of opulence, where succulent strawberries meet the richest cream.

Sexy - Embrace a sultry symphony of flavors with Banger's Sexy hookah tobacco. This intoxicating blend artfully brings together the zesty kick of juicy grapefruit, the aromatic allure of ripe strawberries, and the gentle sweetness of fresh raspberries. Each puff promises a tantalizing experience, reminiscent of a vibrant fruit cocktail on a sultry summer evening.

Surf - Unleash the essence of a sunlit orchard with Banger's Summer Juicy hookah tobacco. This vibrant blend conjures the sun-soaked days of summer, masterfully intertwining the lusciousness of apricots, the velvety sweetness of peaches, and the zesty tang of fresh oranges. Every puff transports you to a shade beneath fruit-laden trees, with a breeze carrying the scents of summer.

Summer Juicy - Unleash the essence of a sunlit orchard with Banger's Summer Juicy hookah tobacco. This vibrant blend conjures the sun-soaked days of summer, masterfully intertwining the lusciousness of apricots, the velvety sweetness of peaches, and the zesty tang of fresh oranges. Every puff transports you to a shade beneath fruit-laden trees, with a breeze carrying the scents of summer.

Sweet Dreams - Drift into a dreamscape with Banger's Sweet Dreams hookah tobacco. This luscious blend evokes memories of sunset picnics and sweet fruit cocktails, masterfully marrying the vibrant zest of oranges with the summery sweetness of raspberries and strawberries. Each puff is a step closer to a fruity paradise, ensuring moments of relaxation and delight.

Tropic Mojito - Dive into a tropical paradise with Banger’s Tropic Mojito hookah tobacco. Inspired by the classic mojito cocktail, this blend brings together the refreshing zest of mint and lime with a twist of exotic tropical fruits. Every puff transports you to a beachside bar, where the sun kisses the ocean and the rhythms of island life play in the background.

Umbrella - Take shelter under a canopy of flavors with Banger's Umbrella hookah tobacco. This blend draws inspiration from hidden tropical paradises, striking a tantalizing balance between the heady sweetness and intriguing sourness of exotic fruits. Each puff feels like a rain shower of flavors, keeping your senses refreshed and invigorated.

Watermelon or Melon - This blend is a tribute to the season's most cherished fruits, masterfully combining the thirst-quenching coolness of watermelon with the sugar-sweet essence of ripe melon. Every puff is a refreshing plunge into a pool of fruity delight, making every moment feel like the peak of summer.

Wildberry Crush - Surrender to the untamed embrace of Banger's Wildberry Crush hookah tobacco. This blend is an ode to the wild, capturing the essence of an assortment of berries plucked straight from nature's bountiful forest. Each puff transports you to woodland clearings, where sunlit berries hang ripe and ready, and the air is thick with the promise of adventure.

Yummy Gum - Step into a nostalgic flavor journey with Banger's Yummy Gum hookah tobacco. This blend recreates those cherished moments of unwrapping a piece of gum as a kid, but with a twist. The chewy essence of gum harmoniously fuses with the iconic flavors of ripe watermelon and sweet strawberry, offering a smoking experience that's both familiar and thrilling.