Black Burn Shisha 100g

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Black Burn Hookah Shisha Tobacco - is a black pearl of the global tobacco market and a special pride of our company. The Blackburn product was created from the most expensive and difficult to obtain Burley tobacco varieties with the participation of the world's best flavorists. We managed to achieve a combination of the highest strength, softness and balance of taste, which seemed impossible until now! Unprecedented heat resistance and a unique aftertaste were given to the product by corn syrup, developed by the food giant from the United States for our tobacco.

Shisha Flavor Profiles

After 8 – Chocolate candy flavor with mint. Perfect complement to any BlackBurn flavor, as it has both moderate sweetness and freshness at once. The mint creates the first sensation of freshness, but after exhaling you will feel the sweet aftertaste of chocolate.

Ananas Shock – The delicious and natural flavor of sour pineapple in BlackBurn's Ananas Shock tobacco. Enjoy the bright tropical sourness of the juicy fruit that tingles your tongue! You can catch light sweetness and soft floral notes in an interesting and rich bouquet. A pleasant aftertaste remains. The product is great to smoke solo. And if you miss the tropics, make a cool exotic mix - mix it with mint and coconut.

Apple Shock – Long looking for the perfect apple, You might find it in BlackBurn's Apple Shock tobacco. This is a real sour green apple and nothing extra. The flavor is very bright, rich and "juicy". In combination with a good strength, this tobacco can take a place of honor among your favorite flavors. Recommended!

Asian Lychee – Absolutely unusual and at the same time interesting taste of exotic lychee. Sweet fruity flavor will not leave indifferent, and its bright aftertaste will help to plunge into the atmosphere of tropical rest, which will diversify and brighten any evening.

Basilic – A rich and fragrant, slightly astringent aroma of fresh green basil. Makes even the most ordinary mixes exquisite.

Barberry Shock – We are used to the fact that if barberry is stated, more often than not it turns out to be a sweet candy, not this time. Barberry Shock changes the usual state of affairs and delivers a very sour flavor. The flavor is incredibly bright, and scored in solo will make even the most ardent fans of sour flavors whimper.

Berry Lemonade – Icy coolness, the freshness of mint and a crazy mixture of sweetness and sourness of your favorite ripe berries are the ingredients that make berry lemonade one of the main seasonal drinks.

Blackberry Lemonade – Dense and rich. The one you dream of on a hot summer day and on a cold winter evening. Juicy, like a ripe, freshly plucked blackberry. A second ago it was in the blender and turned into a stunning drink with a small foam and bright sweet-sour flavor. Transformed from berries to lemonade - now it's right in front of you, in a jar. Your Blackberry Lemonade from BlackBurn!

Cherry Garden – There is a very natural ripe cherry hiding in this flavor, and if you're looking for the perfect cherry flavor, this might be it! Sour-sweet, with tart notes, this is exactly what the perfect cherry should be in our opinion. Combined with a good strength, Cherry Garden has all chances to take a place of honor in your top flavors.

Cherry Shock – A rich sour cherry flavor that is tart and aromatic. If you're on the lookout for a cherry flavor that's close to natural, Cherry Shock might be perfect for you. Excellent sour cherry with a good strength of BlackBurn tobacco deserves your attention and may well become your favorite among berry flavors.

Cheesecake – Delicate creamy and cheesy flavor, which is perfectly accentuated by the balanced sweetness of shortbread cookies.

Cranberry Shock – Burn's shock treatment continues to the point of insanity with sour cranberries. The trademark berry bitterness is attached, mostly manifesting itself in the aftertaste. It is impossible to avoid bright emotions! A flavor for those who want to wake up and light up. Bright cranberry tartness reveals its facets in its entirety. The shisha tobacco base of strong Burley smokes aside, forming thick clouds, in the best traditions of Burn. The strength of the leaf is not weak - it allows you to play with fillers, and bowls, experiment, and enjoy. Heat resistance is fire, flavor recovery after overheating is easy, relaxation is irresistible.

Crème Brulee – The highlight of the Crème Brûlée dessert is its caramel crispness. It is this flavor with notes of creamy, creamy dessert base that we have transferred to the BlackBurn Crème Brûlée flavor. The original recipe of the dessert necessarily contains vanilla and if you are a gourmet of hookah tobaccos, you will definitely find vanilla flavor in BlackBurn Crème Brûlée too.

Currant Shock – A variant definitely for currant lovers. From the open package, the tart and spicy smell of currants spreads throughout the room. As if freshly plucked currants are lying on the table. During inhalation it gives a pleasant sour flavor with pronounced currant notes. Sour and refreshing as it should be. The flavor lasts for a long time, does not get boring, although you can try to mix it and add sweet accents.

Elka – A piercing resinous Christmas tree flavor with a light freshness and a note of eucalyptus. Enjoy the new refreshing herbal flavor Ëlka from BLACKBURN!

Epic Yogurt – Natural blueberry yogurt with a delicate texture. Airy, creamy and moderately berry.

Etalon Melon – Rich sweet flavor of ripe melon with a soft honey aftertaste. An unrivaled classic now in BlackBurn! Enjoy the natural flavor of the sunny fruit with BlackBurn Etalon Melon.

Famous Apple – Versatile flavor, suitable for any mix and for smoking solo. The feeling of walking through an apple orchard at dawn, when the morning chill has not yet descended. Slightly sweet with a characteristic sourness for apple taste is recognizable from the first inhale.

Feijoa Jam – You will truly enjoy the flavor of a very sweet feijoa jam. If you like sweet or even dessert flavors, be sure to try Feijoa Jam!

Garnet – Garnet will satisfy any gourmet. Pleasant, exotic, moderately sour flavor of pomegranate is perfect for any fruit hookah mixes, and also smokes well solo. With a pleasant tart note and a rich fruity aftertaste, this unusual flavor is definitely worth a try for all lovers of sour.

Green Tea – The soft aroma of BlackBurn - Green Tea tobacco will immerse you in a relaxing atmosphere. The pleasant, velvety taste of green tea is seductively aromatic, the tobacco smokes easily and leaves a pleasant aftertaste. Excellent tonic, it will go well with baked goods, as well as mixes with lime, raspberry, basil and apple.

Grape Lollipop – The flavor is "alive", as if a natural fruit. By taste it reminds grape juice, rich, somewhere even tart, and in the background it opens like something honey-sprite. It goes "on a hurrah" in solo.

Ice Baby – Berry sorbet with fresh grapefruit. Bright taste of wild berries, charming aroma of grapefruit will create a light summer mood, and the coolness will pleasantly relax after a hard day. Moderately sweet, moderately sour, moderately fresh. Pleasant sweetness on the inhale and a slight sourness on the exhale.

Irish Cream – The taste of Irish cream with high strength and a variety of flavors. Connoisseurs of unsurpassed flavors will appreciate the taste of Irish whiskey with the aroma of delicate cream. And the chocolate aftertaste on the way out will bring a lot of pleasure.

It’s Not Black Currant – Sour notes without spice, but with a slight sweetness - it's a roller coaster of flavors + lots of smoke.

Juicy Smoothie – All the ingredients in BlackBurn's Juicy Smoothie are whipped into an incredibly juicy smoothie, with bright strawberries complemented by papaya and shavings of tropical coconut giving the final shape to this flavor combo. Enjoy!

Kiwi Stoner – Kiwi smoothie.

Lemon Shock – Lemon, real Lemon. No candy stories, lollipops or anything else! Just sour flavor, just hardcore. Lemon SHOCK is a versatile flavor suitable for use in mixes and extremely good solo.

Malibu – Strawberry islands in a sea of cream - that's Malibu by BlackBurn. A sweet, creamy, strawberry delight that comes over you with every breath of Malibu. We all know this flavor because of Malibu's red and white caramels, and now it's easy to taste with a cup of BlackBurn Malibu.

Melon Halls – Signature candy flavor with a double effect: freshness and enjoyment of aromatic Melon flavor! Melon Halls is a new flavor in BlackBurn's strong lineup, which perfectly manifests itself both solo and in various mixes.

Muesli – Milk oat muesli with peach jam and fragrant strawberries. Breakfast will be surprisingly tasty and quick thanks to the new Muesli flavor from BlackBurn.

Over D – The explosive hit of 2021 is a strong and juicy flavor that combines the sour notes of juicy lemon and bold lime! Great for creating cool citrus mixes! Caution! High strength 10/10

Peachberry – The unrivaled aromatic strawberry from the forest and summer dilutes its bold spice with the delicate juiciness of peach spoiled by the southern sun.

Peach Killer – Luxurious, rich flavor of sweet and tender peach pulp. Bright and pleasant aftertaste, aromatic smoke. Peach Killer goes well with almost all other fruit flavors.

Pineapple – Juicy ripe pineapple is the king of tropical fruits. Versatile sour-sweet flavor. Perfectly used both solo and in mixes with any flavors.

Red Orange – Exotic red orange with sour and sweet notes.

Rising Star – A mix for lovers of sweet and tropical, like a flavorful cocktail carefully assembled for you on the sandy shore of the ocean or at the evening bar in front of the pool. The sweet notes of mango combined with the aroma of passion fruit definitely sets this flavor apart from the entire BlackBurn fruit line.

Siberian Soda – A drink inspired by the vast Siberian forests. In one glass, distinct notes of pine needles with a slight tinge of cola come together, transporting you to the most remote parts of nature. A flavor in which the wind howls and fir trees rustle.

Something Berry – Do you like something berry? Then choose Something Berry, a rich, sweet and sour flavor of juicy berries with tart, floral and herbaceous undertones. It captures rich notes of blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, gooseberries, hawthorn, red and black currants. Ideal solo, but also great mixed with mint, tea, dessert and fruit flavors.

Something Tropical – A bright and versatile bouquet with predominant notes of pineapple, mango, pitahaya, passion fruit, carambola, longan, mangosteen, and lime. Excellent sweet and sour aroma with light tart, floral and herbaceous nuances.

Sou-Sep – A refreshing sip of cool tarragon excites the receptors with the herbaceous flavor of childhood, which blends perfectly with the sour notes of tropical sausepe: an exotic sugar apple that has a marvelous sour-sweet aftertaste.

Strawberry Jam – BlackBurn Strawberry Jam with strawberry jam flavor, for lovers of berry classics. It has a pleasant, light aroma, very sweet on the taste with notes of berry inclusions. The flavor of the jam gives it even more richness, but without strong lusciousness. Try putting together your own berry patch with blueberries, cranberries, and a pinch of mint.

Summer Basket – A new combination of sugar watermelon, sweet berry smoothie dominated by raspberries and juicy orange to complete the composition.

Sundaysun – A rich, fresh, and flavorful summer cocktail of citrus fruits - lemon, orange, and grapefruit. One of the best citrus mixes!

Sweet Papaya – It is a juicy and grassy papaya flavor with light notes of creaminess and sourness.

Tik-Tak – Orange flavor of small dragees from childhood. Melt in your mouth like fresh orange slices filled with the sweetness and juiciness of citrus.

Tropic Jack – The stunningly delicate flavor of exotic jackfruit, combining notes of marshmallow, banana and pineapple. It's one of Southeast Asia's most popular fruits, but have you tried it? We're here to bring you closer to the exotic and give you sweet-tropical inspiration!

Watermelon – A shisha classic in a new version. Juicy ripe watermelon that impresses with its sugary base.