Blade Hookah One M Stem

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The Blade Hookah One M LE hookah stem is a Russian made hookah stem with elegant black and gold design. For extra protection, all stainless steel parts are covered with titanium! In addition, of the most distinctive features of the model, it is worth noting the built-in molasses catcher – it is very convenient. The presence of a twisted diffuser. And of course, the final chord should be noted for its rich, stylish and thoughtful appearance to the smallest detail. The combination of rich red and noble gold does not allow you to take your eyes off of it so simply and easily.

In addition to its special differences, it is also worth noting that the hookah is quite tall (height with a bulb is about 60cm ), and the submersible shaft also has a gold color. The cover plate and the base are covered with red anodized aluminum. The mouthpiece is stylized as a shaft and fits quite comfortably in the hand. On the saucer, by the way, there is an additional mesh, which contributes to the not so fast extinction of coal, if you throw an extra cube on it.

Includes: Hose & Handle

Not Included: Bowl, Base

Country of Origin: Russia