Darkside Shisha 200g

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Darkside Hookah Tobacco is an expertly-crafted shisha blend from Russia. It's available in 200g packs and comes in a range of tantalizing flavors. Experience first-class billowing clouds with every puff.

Shisha Flavor Profiles

Admiral Acabar Cereal - Creamy flavor of sweet oatmeal and berries

BananaPapa- Bright and intense flavor of ripe, sweet Bananas

Barvy Orange - Bright Summer flavor of refreshing orange juice

Basil Blast - Fresh flavor of fragrant green basil

Bounty Hunter - Delicate, slightly creamy flavor of tropical coconut

Cherry Rocks - Intense cherry candy flavor with a pronounced sour aftertaste

Cyber Kiwi - Sweet Smoothie made of ripe sweet Kiwi with tangy notes

Dark Ice Cream - Smooth flavor of creamy chocolate chip ice cream

Darkside Cola - Invigorating, refreshing cola flavor with a lemon wedge

Dark Mint - Intense refreshing flavor of sweet peppermint

Desert Eagle - Sweet cactus fruit with a tart aftertaste

Falling Star - A cocktail made of refreshing mango and sweet passion fruit

Generis Raspberry - Sweet flavor of delicate sweet raspberries

Glitch Iced Tea - Refreshing peach iced tea

Green Mojito / Green Mist- Fresh citrus cocktail with a hint of alcohol

Grape Core - Rich flavor of ripe grape pulp

Guava Rebel - Intense flavor of juicy guava pulp with a slightly tart undertone

Honey Dust - Sweet natural floral honey flavor with a tart undertone

Kalee Grapefruit - Bright citrus aroma of sweet and sour grapefruit

Killer Milk - Rich, sweet, creamy, flavor of condensed milk

Lemon Blast - Refreshing, tangy flavor of ripe lemon with slight bitterness

Mango Lassi - Sweet flavor of Mango pulp milkshake

Needles - Fresh pine flavor with a slight bitterness of the Earth

Pear - Intense refreshing pear lemonade

Pineapple Pulse - Sweet pineapple flavor with slight tangy aftertaste

Red Tea - Spicy flavor of strong hibiscus tea

Red Alert - Juicy Watermelon flesh with hints of honeydew in a refreshing drink

Space Jam - Sweet and tart strawberries in sweet syrup

Space Lychee - Exotic flavor of delicate Chinese lychee pulp

Supernova - Breathtaking Menthol Flavor

Waffle Shuffle - Crispy lemon waffle cookies with a creamy touch

Wild Forest - Rich strawberries in a juicy forest berry cocktail