Fantasia Herbal Shisha 50g

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Fantasia Herbal Shisha far surpasses the industry standard in providing quality exotic herbal hookah flavor that combines traditional culture with contemporary lifestyles. It is made in the USA and comes in many unique mouthwatering flavors. Available in 50g. Fantasia Herbal is 100% Tobacco Free.

Shisha Flavor Profiles

4 Play – Melon Mix

Adios M – Citrus Curacao Fruit

Blueberry – Blueberry Mix

Blueberry Ice – Blueberry Mint

Cactus Breeze – Citrus Cactus Fruit

Citrus Ice – Orange Lemon Mint

Cuban Mojito – Lime Mint

Dirty Blonde – Pineapple Banana Mix

Dragon Breath – Dragon Fruit

Firecracker – Blue Raspberry Cherry Lemon Ice

Golden Double Apple – Double Apple

Guava Breeze – Tropical Guava

Ice Mint – Cool Mint

Incredible – Passion Fruit Cognac

Lemon Ice – Lemon Mint

Magic Dragon – Berry Mint Mix

Mango Ice – Mango Mint

Mary Jane – Guava Infusion

Melon Ice – Melon Mint

Menage – Melon Citrus Twist

Peach Fuzzy Navel – Sexy Peach

Peach Ice – Peach Mint

Pink Lemonade – Powerful Lemon Flavor – as the name suggests.

Purple Haze – Royal Grape

Rainbow Burst – Fruity Citrus Mix

Red Melon – Sweet Watermelon

Strawberry Ice – Strawberry Mint

Screwdriver – Orange Champagne

Surfer – Pineapple Coconut

The Million Dollar Flavor – Mystery Berry

Watermelon Ice – Watermelon Mint

Wild Mango – Mango