Fantasia Shisha 200g

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Fantasia is a premium modern hookah shisha that is made in the U.S. with high grade Virginia tobacco. Fantasia modern hookah shisha offers a full line of delightful drink flavors as well as some tasty fruit flavors and unique sweet flavors. Fantasia is guaranteed to be a nice test for your taste buds. Fantasia shisha is packaged in a 200g plastic jar that has an airtight seal to help you store and keep your shisha fresh.

Shisha Flavor Profiles

4 Play – Melon Mix

Ace of Spades – Mint Chocolate Ice Cream

Adios M – Citrus Curacao Fruit

Apple Martini – Tangy Sour Apple Drink

Aurora – Pineapple

Banana Foster – Caramel Banana

Black Mamba – Tropical Jungle Mix

Black Martini – Sweet Blackberry

Blueberry Ice – Blueberry Mint

Blueberry Splash – Blueberry Mix

Cactus Breeze – Citrus Cactus Fruit

Cali Green – Sour Apple

Candy Cane – Candy Cane Mint

Caramel Frappucino – Caramel Coffee

Cherry Cola – Sugary Cherry Cola

Citrus Ice – Orange Lemon Mint

Cosmopolitan – Cranberry Lime

Cotton Candy – Sweet Cotton Candy

Cuban Mojito – Lime Mint

Cupids Arrow – Valentine Candy Hearts

DaBomb Blueberry – Blueberry Grape

Diablo – Cinnamon Fire

Dirty Blonde – Pineapple Banana Mix

Double Apple Ice – Two Apple Mint

Dragon Breath – Dragon Fruit

Electric X – Wild Berry

Eric Bellinger – White Cherry

Firecracker – Blue Raspberry Cherry Lemon Ice

G6 Grape – Sweet Grape Juice

Gingerbread – Sweet Gingerbread Cookie

Golden Double Apple – Double Apple

Grape Ice – Grape Mint

Green Ice – Spearmint

Guava Breeze – Tropical Guava

Hurricane – Mixed Fruit

Hush Honey – Natural Sweet Honey

Hydroponics – Peach

Ice Mint – Cool Mint

Incredible – Passion Fruit Cognac

Joker – Psychotic Mixed Fruit

Jolly Molly – Watermelon

Kali Drizzle – Blueberry Grape Menthol

Lemon Ice – Lemon Mint

Lucky – Kiwi Lime

Magic Dragon – Berry Mint Mix

Mai Tai – Cherry Coconut Lime Orange

Mango Ice – Mango Mint

Margarita – Lemon-Lime

Mary Jane – Guava Infusion

Maybach Melon – Watermelon

Melon Ice – Melon Mint

Menage – Melon Citrus Twist

Mon Cherry – Candied Cherry

OG Sweet – Sugar Cane

One Hundred – Traditional Mint

Orange Sherbet – Orange Cream

Peach Fuzzy Navel – Sexy Peach

Peach Ice – Peach Mint

Pina Colada – Coconut Pineapple Rum

Pink Lemonade – Powerful Lemon Flavor – as the name suggests.

Pumpkin Spice – Sweet Pumpkin Desert

Purple Haze – Royal Grape

Purple K – White Grape

Qing Rubus – Blue Raspberry

Queen of Hearts – Raspberry Rose

Rainbow Burst – Fruity Citrus Mix

Raspberry Kamikaze – Raspberry Orange Lime

Raspberry Lemonade – Powerful Raspberry Flavor – as the name suggests.

Red Lightning – Strawberry

Red Melon – Sweet Watermelon

Red Velvet – Red Velvet Cake

Rozay Wine – Sweet Red Rose Wine

Screwdriver – Orange Champagne

Strawberry Banana – Banana, Strawberry, Chocolate, and Vanilla Ice Cream

Strawberry Daiquiri – Strawberry, Lime, Citrus, and Rum

Strawberry Ice – Strawberry Mint

Strawberry Lemonade – Sweeter version of Pink Lemonade.

Surfer – Pineapple Coconut

Swag Berry – Mixed Berries

The Million Dollar Flavor – Mystery Berry

Triple Apple

Triple X – Peach Cranberry Pineapple Orange Infusion

Vanilla Sky – Creamy Fruit Vanilla

Watermelon Ice – Watermelon Mint

White Grape – Sweet White Grape Juice

White Lotus – Coconut, Citrus, and Honeydew Melon

Wild Mango – Mango

Yachtmaster Mango – Mango Orange