Fantasia Shisha 50g

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Fantasia is a premium modern hookah shisha that is made in the U.S. with high grade Virginia tobacco. Fantasia is one of the newest brands of hookah shisha and it is becoming most notable for its rich thick smoke and full flavor.

Shisha Flavor Profiles

4 Play – Melon Mix

Ace of Spades – Mint Chocolate Ice Cream

Adios M – Citrus Curacao Fruit

Apple Martini – Tangy Sour Apple Drink

Aurora – Pineapple

Banana Foster – Caramel Banana

Black Mamba – Tropical Jungle Mix

Black Martini – Sweet Blackberry

Blueberry Ice – Blueberry Mint

Blueberry Splash – Blueberry Mix

Cactus Breeze – Citrus Cactus Fruit

Cali Green – Sour Apple

Candy Cane – Candy Cane Mint

Caramel Frappucino – Caramel Coffee

Cherry Cola – Sugary Cherry Cola

Citrus Ice – Orange Lemon Mint

Cosmopolitan – Cranberry Lime

Cotton Candy – Sweet Cotton Candy

Cuban Mojito – Lime Mint

Cupids Arrow – Valentine Candy Hearts

DaBomb Blueberry – Blueberry Grape

Diablo – Cinnamon Fire

Dirty Blonde – Pineapple Banana Mix

Double Apple Ice – Two Apple Mint

Dragon Breath – Dragon Fruit

Electric X – Wild Berry

Eric Bellinger – White Cherry

Firecracker – Blue Raspberry Cherry Lemon Ice

G6 Grape – Sweet Grape Juice

Gingerbread – Sweet Gingerbread Cookie

Golden Double Apple – Double Apple

Grape Ice – Grape Mint

Green Ice – Spearmint

Guava Breeze – Tropical Guava

Hurricane – Mixed Fruit

Hush Honey – Natural Sweet Honey

Hydroponics – Peach

Ice Mint – Cool Mint

Incredible – Passion Fruit Cognac

Joker – Psychotic Mixed Fruit

Jolly Molly – Watermelon

Kali Drizzle – Blueberry Grape Menthol

Lemon Ice – Lemon Mint

Lucky – Kiwi Lime

Magic Dragon – Berry Mint Mix

Mai Tai – Cherry Coconut Lime Orange

Mango Ice – Mango Mint

Margarita – Lemon-Lime

Mary Jane – Guava Infusion

Maybach Melon – Watermelon

Melon Ice – Melon Mint

Menage – Melon Citrus Twist

Mon Cherry – Candied Cherry

OG Sweet – Sugar Cane

One Hundred – Traditional Mint

Orange Sherbet – Orange Cream

Peach Fuzzy Navel – Sexy Peach

Peach Ice – Peach Mint

Pina Colada – Coconut Pineapple Rum

Pink Lemonade – Powerful Lemon Flavor – as the name suggests.

Pumpkin Spice – Sweet Pumpkin Desert

Purple Haze – Royal Grape

Purple K – White Grape

Qing Rubus – Blue Raspberry

Queen of Hearts – Raspberry Rose

Rainbow Burst – Fruity Citrus Mix

Raspberry Kamikaze – Raspberry Orange Lime

Raspberry Lemonade – Powerful Raspberry Flavor – as the name suggests.

Red Lightning – Strawberry

Red Melon – Sweet Watermelon

Red Velvet – Red Velvet Cake

Rozay Wine – Sweet Red Rose Wine

Screwdriver – Orange Champagne

Strawberry Banana – Banana, Strawberry, Chocolate, and Vanilla Ice Cream

Strawberry Daiquiri – Strawberry, Lime, Citrus, and Rum

Strawberry Ice – Strawberry Mint

Strawberry Lemonade – Sweeter version of Pink Lemonade.

Surfer – Pineapple Coconut

Swag Berry – Mixed Berries

The Million Dollar Flavor – Mystery Berry

Triple Apple

Triple X – Peach Cranberry Pineapple Orange Infusion

Vanilla Sky – Creamy Fruit Vanilla

Watermelon Ice – Watermelon Mint

White Grape – Sweet White Grape Juice

White Lotus – Coconut, Citrus, and Honeydew Melon

Wild Mango – Mango

Yachtmaster Mango – Mango Orange