Hydra Hookah Bowl

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Pharaoh's Hydra Bowl is the newest bowl on the market! Hydra bowl combines the best of both worlds of silicone and clay, comes with three clay inserts (vortex, funnel, traditional) which also come in 2 different sizes (medium holds between 15-20g of tobacco while large holds 20-25g depending how you pack it) that go inside the top of the Hydra silicone bowl so that you don't get any ghosting, you can change bowls instantly without having to clean up, and the silicone stays cool to the touch the entire time, even after an hour long session since you're not burning the silicone, you're burning the tobacco sitting inside the clay insert. The Hydra is made of food grade silicone and comes with three medium inserts (you can get the large ones separately) and the box has instructions on the back on how to use it. With the hydra bowl, there's no need for a grommet because it is entirely made of silicone so it will fit almost any hookah and create an air-tight seal. You would pick whichever insert you want, pack it with tobacco, and you can either cover the insert with foil and place in the Hydra bowl, or you can place the insert uncovered into the Hydra and cover it. Either way, air won't leak out because the seal is airtight from the top and bottom.