Hydro Herbal Shisha Molasses 50g

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This is a modern creation of sugar cane instead of tobacco, with premium molasses in variety of popular flavors. Buy Hydro Herbal today, and enjoy your next hookah session with 0% nicotine and tar! Treat yourself to an all natural, organic molasses. TheHookah.com is giving you the chance to buy this amazing herbal brand for the lowest available price online. You will not find a better deal anywhere!

Shisha Flavor Profiles

After Dark - Peppermint

Apple Bottoms - Sour Apple

Arctic Banana - Banana Mint

Arctic Bubble Gum - Bubble Gum Mint

Arctic Cola - Cola Mint

Arctic Lychee - Lychee Mint

Aurora - Pineapple

Avalanche - Banana

BDC - Vanilla Birthday Cake

Black Widow - Blackberry

Blue Viper - Blueberry

Citrus Twist - Lemon Lime

Dr. 23 - Dr. Soda

Electric X - Wild berry

Green Ice - Spearmint

Hurricane - Mixed Fruit

Hydrojava - Coffee

Hydroponics - Peach

Hydropurple - Red Grape

Jamaican Mint - Natural Mint

Jolly Molly - Watermelon

Kali Drizzle - Grape Bubblegum

King Louie G – Guava

Lemon Mint

Les Deux - Double Apple

Majestic Grape - Red and White Grape Blend

Maui - Coconut Pineapple

Melon Dew - Melon Blend

Molly Mint - Watermelon Mint

Platinum Honey - Sweet Honey

Qing Rubus - Blue Raspberry

Razmataz - Raspberry

Red Lightning - Strawberry

Red Venom - Cherry

Red Yummi - Candied Raspberry

Seks On Fifth - Chocolate Mint

Summer Hash - Tropical Fruit

Sun Ray - Orange

Tangerine Feen - Tangerine

Tropical Storm - Mango

White Yummi - Candied Pineapple

Xai - Chai