Khalil Mamoon Mini Safari Base

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The Khalil Mamoon Mini Safari Signature Vase is a gorgeous hookah vase that was handmade in Egypt by Khalil Mamoons finest craftsmen. It is great if your original vase perhaps broke, or if you are simply looking to customize your hookahs appearance. Works with smaller KM and Egyptian hookahs. Colors, styles, and patterns do tend to vary due to this being a handcrafted piece. With the right grommets, this vase should fit most Small Egyptian and Syrian Style Hookahs, and of course the KM Safari Hookah. Once set up, you will be smoking shisha in style!

Disclaimer: Product may vary in looks and color and may not match the photograph. Khalil Mamoon products are handmade and each one is different. You may not select a color. We ship the inventory we have on hand.