Magnum Revolution 4S Hookah

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Base Style


The revolutionary system was developed to allow a faster and much easier assembly and disassembly than usual. This gives the hookah not only a new exclusive design, which has not existed until now, but also saves the user components and simplifies cleaning. The optimized diameter and the processing of the inner contours, create an incredible smoking behavior and evoke a more intense taste.

- Plate material: stainless steel

- Smoke column material: stainless steel

- Immersion pipe material: stainless steel

- Closure: screw cap

- Material bowl: Bohemian crystal glass

Dimensions of the Hookah:

Height: Approx. 50 cm

Weight: Approx. 3.80 kg

Includes: Base

Not Included: Hose, Handle, & Bowl

Country of Origin: Germany