Mazaya Shisha 250g

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Mazaya shisha is one of the latest brands from the middle east which offers an array of unique as well as traditional flavors. Mazaya is made in Jordan and provides full flavor shisha with an abundance of smoke.  If you are looking for something to please your taste buds without breaking the bank, Mazaya shisha will not disappoint.

Shisha Flavor Profiles

Beauty Crush – Grapefruit Lime

Blueberry Mint – Sweet Blueberry with Mint

Blueberry Exotica – Double Blueberry

Candy Drops – Sweet Candy Flavor

Captain Fresh – Cherry Mint

Cool Lemon – Lemon Juice

Grape – Crisp White Grape

Grape Berry – Purple Grape and Raspberry

Grape Mint – Sweet Grape with Mint

Gum Cinnamon – Spearmint and Cinnamon

Gum Mint – Spearmint Mint

Heavenly Fruit – Fruit Cocktail

Iced Mint – Combination of Mint with cooling effect of Ice

Lemon Mint – Refreshing mix of Lemon Mint

Lemon Pie – Sweet Lemon with Sour Citrus under Cream

Love – Passionfruit, Watermelon, Melon, and Mint

Mastic Gum – Gum with Mastic Spice

Melon – Sweet Cantaloupe

Mint – Cool Mint

Orange Mint – Orange Mint

Pan Masala – Another Paan mix with some slightly different ingredients to make up Mazaya Pan Masala. Base ingredients still include spicy betel leaf and areca nuts along with sesame and fennel seeds for that popular Indian taste

Pan Rass – Indian Paan is a combination of spicy betal leaf and areca nut that is chewed for an after-dinner treat in many parts of Southeast Asia. Pan Raas closely resembles this exotic treat with strong spicy notes and floral tastes maybe of cardamon and clove

Peach – Sweet Peach

Ruby Crush – Raspberry and Candy

Sweet Blue – Zesty Lemonade with Citrus Punch

Two Apple – Double Apple

Two Apple Mint – Double Apple Mint

Watermelon – Juicy Watermelon

Watermelon Mint – Watermelon Mint