Mexanika Smoke Hookah Stem

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Stem Design


The Mexanika Smoke hookah stems are Russian made stems known for their quality and price.

-Stainless Steel Hookah Stem

-Stainless Steel Hookah Coal Tray

-Shisha base gasket

-Stainless Steel Hookah mouthpiece

-Purge valve bearing

Includes: Handle

Not Included: Base, Hose, & Bowl

Country of Origin: Russia


STM A - The Mexanika Hookah Steam Machine A is the basic model by Mexanika Smoke. Simple & elegant, the modern design of this shisha pipe is infused with a traditional style unlike anything seen before.

STM B - Unique Grey/Black stem design

STM GL - The Mexanika GL is unique due to its crosshatch design engraved in the hookah stem.

STM GR - The design of this shisha pipe is a mixture of both modern and traditional infused in one. The Mexanika GR shisha is stainless steel. Embodied on the Centre of the GR is a beautiful black finish with the Mexanika name engraved.

STM MS - Unique Pattern etched into stem