MIG G36 Hookah

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The MIG G36 Hookah is a Made in Germany Hookah with a very modern design. The hookah comes with 1 hose adapter port and is capable of up to 2 hoses with purchase of additional port. The G36 stands about 21 inches tall and is a great addition for any hookah enthusiast.

This pack contains:
- 1x Base MIG G36
- 1x Released hose MIG G36
- 1x connector hose MIG G36
- 1x Purging MIG G36
- 1x ball (9mm) MIG G36
- 1x Column MIG G36
- 1x Adapter Focus MIG G36
- 1x Ashtray 200mm MIG G36
- 1x Diver MIG G36
- 1x Vase MIG G36 "Clear"

Length: 53cm
Width: 23cm
Weight: 4KG