MYA Econo QT Hookah w/ Cage 13"

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The 13" Mya Econo QT is a high quality, low cost alternative to the QT Mya Hookah family. Mya Econo QT features various colors, molded aluminum stem, classic glass base and comes in a round black basket . At Mya Hookah, cost does not determine our commitment to bring quality to all our customers. Inexpensive hookahs here are still top notch. All of our Mya QT hookahs can be converted into multiple hoses by utilizing the stem adaptors that contain the auto-seal system. The auto- seal system eliminates the need for rubber stoppers or flip caps, when there are multiple users. Give this Mya Econo, Mya QT a shot. Sometimes inexpensive hookahs can be the best hookah for you.