Overdozz Shisha 200g

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Overdozz shisha is made from Virginia tobacco leaves and high grade flavoring from around the world.  Overdozz shisha is available in an array of flavors that are popular globally.  Overdozz shisha focus on unique blends and exotic fruit mixes that are pleasant and tantilizing.

Shisha Flavor Profiles

24 Karatine – Cappuccino & Banana

All Nighter – Tutti Frutti & Mint

Areejan – Exotic Fruits with an icy touch

Bad Habit – Grape

Bananago – Banana & Mango

Crazy Ex – Arabic Spice & Mango

Dopamine – Citrus, Grape & Blueberry

Double Trouble – Double Apple

Fresh Greens – Mint

Go for Broke – Grape Mint

Heat Wave – Cinnamon Mint & Gum

Judgement Day – Peach & Coconut

Kaffeine Addikt – Citrus, Biscuit & Mint

Kesowawa – Strawberry Cocktail

Kooliche – Lychee Lemon & Mint

Love Bug – Tropical Fruit

Lusidrem – Watermelon Mint

One Night Stand – Passion Fruit & Mango

Psych Out – Pineapple Mint

Summer Fling – Blueberry Mint

Wild Night Out – Lemon Cake

Zero Gravity – Lemon Mint