Pharaohs Katalyst Hookah Stem

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The Pharaohs Katalyst Elite Stem is a stem only kit that allows you to customize your hookah your way. Standing at 23" tall from top to the base point above the glass, the Katalyst is made of high-grade CNC Aluminum. It features an anodized colored body with matte black interior stem, downstems, and adapters. Each stem also comes with 2 different length downstems for you to use depending on the height of the base you choose to pair it with along with a removable diffuser that can be attached to either downstem. The hose adapter can be used by either attaching a silicone hose directly to its tip, or removing the silicone adapter tip, you can use any standard hose. Lastly, the middle "insert" on the Katalyst can be changed out for different colors (available now) or different designs (coming soon!).